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Our Bag of Tricks

We are not some one-trick fox. We are able to provide many affordable and game-changing services to help take your brand to the next level. With our unique blend of old school and new school marketing techniques and principles, we can provide your company with the creative touch needed to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd. Forget about trying to think outside the box, there is no box; there never was a box. There is only you, the Fox and our collective imaginations.

Branding Services (Visual Identity and Brand Strategy)

A company’s brand is the lifeblood of any organization, but branding is so much more than just a snazzy logo or a catchy slogan. Your brand encompasses all aspects of how your customers see and relate to your business, as it truly represents who you are. Fly Fox knows branding. After a detailed analysis, we can create a brand for your company that will resonate with your target markets. In addition to creating your visual brand identity, we can also help you develop a strong brand strategy that will help get your company recognized, and more importantly, remembered in your industry. After all, what is the point of having a great brand if noone ever sees it?

Creative Design Services

Fly Fox Creative can provide you with creative design services that will help you stand out from the crowd and effectively deliver your message to your target audience. We pride ourselves in delivering creative that you would expect from large advertising agencies, but with the intimate attention to detail as if we are an extension of your own team.  From print graphics like corporate brochures, posters, and advertisements, to web graphics like newsletters and banner ads, Fly Fox can do it all.  Our creative team works closely with you to ensure that your message is clearly conveyed through our unique creative vision.

Marketing Strategy Development

If you think that strategic marketing plans are reserved for fortune 500 companies, think again. In today’s web-based business environment, even the smallest of companies needs a strong strategy when it comes to marketing your products or services. Fly Fox knows the importance of having a solid marketing plan, and we are here to help you develop yours. Every company is unique, and you can rely on us to assist you with your customized strategic marketing plan, including: target market strategy, situation analysis, marketing tactics, budgets, deliverables, implementation, and monitoring.

PR Services

Oh how the times have changed.  PR no longer represents the old notion of a one-way conversation where businesses just blasted messages out to the public.  Today, we are living in a technology-driven world and social media has changed the face of the PR game.  Fly Fox is in tune with these new techniques and are fit to help your company get social.  But we haven’t forgotten about those traditional techniques either, and will create a unique PR strategy that fits your business. Fly Fox PR services include social media marketing, press releases, blog strategies, product/service launch strategies, email and direct mail campaigns, and so much more.

Multimedia and Video Services

Let’s face it, people are visual learners. They don’t have time to read anymore, but they still want to be entertained.  They want something that is going to catch their attention and keep it.  In many ways, multimedia has become a new form of PR. Let Fly Fox tell your story visually through the use of multimedia.  Our team is equipped to bring your vision to life to sell your message.  Whether you are looking for a short web video or a full blown television commercial, Fly Fox can make it happen.  Our multimedia services include video production, motion graphics, audio recording, and more.

The team at Fly Fox Creative takes pride in the work we do. As part of our services, we get to know your industry and how to give you the competitive advantage needed for success. Fly Fox has done work with companies in many industries, including:

  • Craft / Micro Breweries and Brewpubs
  • Technology and Software Services
  • Financial Services
  • Higher Education
  • Energy Services
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Transportation Services
  • Non-Profits
  • And more…

To learn more about how Fly Fox can create custom marketing solutions for your business, and to view samples of our work, contact us today.

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